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Kolink release the Unity Code X and Void Rift


Kolink has introduced two new products, available from Overclockers UK. The Unity Code X, a dual-chamber design with ARGB accenting, and the Void Rift with an ARGB infinity mirror front plate

Unity Code X

kolink Unity Code X

The Unity Code X is a dual-chamber design, with ample support for air and water cooling – offering several mounting options for radiators and allowing you to install up to 10 × 120mm fans & includes a 1 × 120mm Kolink Umbra Void ARGB PWM fan in the rear.

Excluding the rear 120mm fan, the Unity Code X has space for 3 × 120mm fans or 360mm radiators in the top and bottom, and 3 × 120mm fans in the “front” – which is next to the motherboard tray for an uninterrupted view of your hardware thanks to the glass front & side panels.

On top you’ll find an I/O with 2 × USB3.0, 1 × USB2.0, audio in/out, lighting control, and power switch, and inside the case can support ATX and M-ATX motherboards, 2 × 3.5”/2.5” and 2 × 2.5” drives and has clearance for GPUs up to 400mm and CPU coolers up to 165mm in height.

RRP: £107.99

Void Rift

kolink void rift

The Void Rift is a real showstopper, featuring an infinity mirror style front panel with ARGB lighting, plus a 120mm Kolink Umbra Void ARGB PWM fan in the rear. Finished in all black, it delivers both performance with style.

Alongside this, the case offers multiple radiator support with up to 360mm radiators in the front, 280mm in the top, and a 120mm in the rear.

Inside there are mounting points for ITX, MATX, and ATX motherboards, clearance for GPUs up to 355mm (without a front rad) and CPU coolers up to 165mm and can accommodate 2 × 3.5” or up to 4 × 2.5” drives – and has 22.5mm behind the motherboard tray for cable management.

RRP: £79.99

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