SCUM – Development update #94

Hey hey everyone, happy Monday. You already know it is time for another Dev update! Check it out!

Seems you guys can’t get enough of these, so it’s become a regular thing now. Check out the last Friday behind the scenes video featuring Ismir and Sara!

This week on the dev update we will be showing you guys some WIP stuff as well, as promised. So you can see what we’ve been talking about all this time.

As always we start with the programming squad. They continue their work from last week hammering away at that keyboard. For this update I even manage to get some sneak peak for you guys.

Here we can see a young dropship hatching on the test level, observed by mama crow in the background.

As you can see still very much a WiP as is everything in this post, yet progressing nicely.
Other than the Dropship system we have progress on BB elements, movement rework, virtualization etc. and of course even more bugfixing. I wish I had more to say on this but it is more or less the same thing from last weeks post.

Will let you know when I can share more so enjoy the sneakpeak for now.

Optimizations are progressing well. This not only helps us save on memory space but it also allows more options such as the new BB elements being implemented. Other than that work has resumed on reworking the POIs, not just from the optimization standpoint.

We have something to show from the art department! Work is being done on new foliage, and the way foliage is rendered. It is still very early to tell but it looks promising.

Right the snow biome is being done.



Again noting this is still early WIP, you can see more details in the environment. Not only that but trees will change as well. All of our trees are naked at the lower end like the ones in forward placement in the picture but we are adding diversity by having some of them branching out lover as well. So hiding in the woods will very much be a viable tactic. Improvements are being made in the distance as well, and we are hopeful we can bring back distant foliage so you do not stick out like a thumb in the distance.

The audio team is still at it with the new audio mixing methods. Nothing much to say here, for now.

QA guys have been really busy with not just the testing but managing the new anti cheat methods that have went live with the hotfix. So look carefully you might see them on the server lurking. As for CM/Marketing we’ve been busy with a lot of stuff that I cannot even mention at this point, but I can say you have a lot to look forward to in the future.

Game designers are still on it with sorting the feedback out and converting it to future features., and also sorting everything out for the next update. So same as last week. Literally.

Hope you like the sneak peaks and we will see you next time!


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